Alexa Borden

Film and Theater Composer

Website for Los Angeles film composer Alexa L. Borden.


Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alexandra Borden has been studying music from an early age. Her upbringing embedded a love of classic rock in her for greats such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and her all-time favorite, Billy Joel. With the release of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack in 2001, Alexa knew that her passion was to create music for the screen. 

Following her high school graduation, she attended Berklee College of Music and Moravian College, graduating with a degree in Music Composition. During undergrad, she composed, arranged, performed in, and directed a variety of shows and concerts. She cultivated her classically trained skills with the voice, piano, and harpsichord, while also studying guitar, clarinet,  saxophone, and a number of other instruments. After receiving her Bachelor's degree, she received the Graduate Merit Award Scholarship to attend Columbia College Chicago, where she graduated with a Master's of Fine Arts in Music Composition for the Screen. While attending Columbia, Alexa composed music for independent films, short films, video games, and plays. During this time she also co-founded Lexacon Studios with fellow composer Connor Cook. 

Alexa composes using unorthodox methods to create unique music that serves to compliment and elevate her projects. She is constantly looking to innovate new orchestration, composition, sampling, and recording techniques to heighten the project and supplement existing themes within. 

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