Alexa Borden

Composer • Songwriter • Arranger

Website for Los Angeles film composer Alexa L. Borden.

Film Credits

Project: Puppies for Christmas, 2018 (post-production), family (feature)

Her First Kill, 2017 (post-production), thriller (short)

Letter to an Imaginary Lover, 2017 (post-production), drama (short)

Elevate, 2017 (post-production), drama (feature)

Limerence, 2017 (post-production), sci-fi romantic drama

Girls & Boyz, 2017 (post-production), comedy (short)

Sufferance, 2017, action/adventure (short)

Jen, June, and a Fish Named Lou, 2017, comedy/drama (short)

Just Those Four Things, 2016, comedy/drama (short)

Social Hour, 2016, comedy/drama (short)

It's Lillian, 2016, comedy/drama (short)

Watch Me Whip, 2016 (in production), advertisement

Girls Are the Worst, 2016, dark comedy/drama (short)

We’ll Always Have Paris, 2016, animated (short)

For Fat Girls Everywhere, 2016, romance (short)

The Prince, 2016, drama (short)

Jackie, 2016, drama (short)

Spin, 2016, drama (short)

Skimmers, 2016, sci-fi/drama (short)

Bubble Yum, 2015, stop-motion (short)


Musical/Theater Production

The Transcivility of Albert Cashier, 2017 (in production), musical

A Resting Place, 2013 Touchstone Theatre production

Frankly, 2012, musical



Freq Out, 2016 Frequency TV live comedy sketch show


Video Games

Whiplash, 2016 indie video game (additional music)