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Year: 2019 | Genre: Musical Comedy/Horror

Book & Lyrics by: Nicholas Tana| Music by: Nicholas Tana & Alexa Borden

Additional music by: Richard Albert & Miguel Coiz

About: HELL’S KITTY: The Musical is a comedy-horror production based on the original award-winning Hell’s Kitty web-series, comic book, and feature film of the same name. The film for which the musical is based upon has already attracted horror fans and cat lovers alike, with its uncanny array of iconic cult figures from classic eighties and nineties horror films; the musical hopes to do the same. 

Adapted for the stage by Hell’s Kitty writer/director and star, Nicholas Tana, the musical relies on the collaborative contribution of Tana and Alexa Borden, a Los Angeles based composer, who arranged most of the music. Other contributors include Richard Albert, a German based film composer, who also worked on the film and web-series, and Spanish born composer, Miguel Coiz. The song “Chainsaw Kitty,” written by Richard Albert and Nicholas Tana, was an American Tracks Winner for Best Song in a Film in 2018 and will appear in the musical to be directed by veteran musical theater director, Denis McCourt.

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